Musaed Aklan

Researcher, writer

Musaed  Aklan is a civil engineer and scientific researcher in water and environment fields. He has 15 years of professional and academic experience and has worked with several government institutions, universities, and international organizations including KFW, World Bank, GIZ, USAID and WHO. He is currently a PhD research fellow in IHE-Delft, Water Science and Engineering Department, The Netherlands, where he was nominated as a member of PhD Association Board (PAB).


The Impact of Flooding on Agricultural Communities in Yemen

March 13, 2024 Policy Briefs
Yemen's agricultural communities face a perfect storm of growing ecological threats amid protracted conflict. Flash floods destroy farms, crops, and irrigation systems. Late rains risk drowning mature harvests, and waterlogged fields hinder root growth. Coastal areas battle salinization, and collapsed roads and buried wells hamper recovery. As flooding and changing rainfall patterns…

Solar-Powered Irrigation in Yemen: Opportunities, Challenges and Policies

April 29, 2021 Policy Briefs
This study examines the current trend of solar-powered irrigation system (SPIS) use in Sana’a Basin, identifying the pros and cons of this approach. It presents the perspectives of farmers and experts in terms of what is happening and what should be done to maximize the benefits and minimize the negative impacts of SPIS. The incidence of SPIS installation is increasing at a rate of more…