Development Champions

Chief executive officer at Itex Solutions Company, a solutions provider in the fields of information systems, information technology, cyber security and telecommunications, in partnership with global firms such as IBM, Ericsson and Kaspersky Labs. Shihab is also the operations and business-development vice president at Shihab Company, one of the largest food and consumer packaged-goods companies in Yemen, representing brands such as Nestle, Pepsi and Quakers. Shihab Company has seven branches and warehouses around the country. Its fleet of some 250 logistics and delivery trucks serves thousands of wholesalers, retailers, pharmacies and catering outlets all over Yemen.

Shihab holds an executive master’s degree in business administration from the Maastricht School of Management, in partnership with Sana’a university. He also holds two bachelor’s degrees in business administration, majoring in marketing and management information systems, from Texas Tech University.