Development Champions

Dr. Galal Ibrahim Fakirah (PhD)

Professor at Sana'a University

Associate professor in the Sana’a University Department of Political Science, and a board member of Yemen’s Central Bank. Prior to these roles Fakirah’s public appointments included: minister of agriculture and irrigation; secretary-general of cabinet; deputy minister of education; director general of scholarships and cultural relations at the Ministry of Higher Education; chairperson of the Sana’a University Academic Development Department; and the chairman of the technical team of the Human Rights Strengthening Project.

Fakirah has worked with international development organizations in several domains, including Yemen’s national anti-corruption and human rights strategies. He has also worked to develop programs in academic institutions such as Yemen’s High Military Academy and Chief Commanders’ Academy; Roskilde University and the Maastricht School of Administration in Denmark; Stanford University and University of South Carolina in the United States, and Northern University of Malaysia.

Fakirah holds a master’s degree and a doctorate in international relations from Baghdad University, and a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Sana’a University.