Challenges to Yemen’s Public Revenues

December 18, 2023 Policy Briefs
Since April 2022, the war in Yemen has mutated from a volatile, high-casualty conflict to a protracted stalemate with stable frontlines. The contest is now over the economy, as the Houthi group (Ansar Allah) leverages negotiations and its military power to put fiscal pressure on the internationally recognized government, stoking discontent as public utilities break down and the currency…

Addressing the Crushing Weight of Yemen’s Public Debt

July 20, 2022 White Papers
For decades prior to the ongoing conflict, Yemen had been vulnerable to recurring budget deficits due to a lack of meaningful fiscal reform, high recurrent expenditures – mainly public sector salaries and fuel subsidies – and an overdependence on oil revenues. Within a year of becoming a unified republic in 1990, the country had already defaulted on its debt obligations to foreign…