Development Champions

Dr. Asmahan Alalas

Assistant Professor of History - Aden University

Associate professor at Aden University Faculty of Arts. Allas is an academic and activist specializing in women’s studies, modern history and cultural heritage. Since 2018, Allas has been a member of the UN special Envoy for Yemen’s advisory group, and participated in the peace consultations in Stockholm in the same year.

Allas founded the women’s studies unit at Aden University, where she lectured for 35 years in the history department. A renowned academic, Allas has been widely published regarding women’s issues, history, culture, good governance and capacity building, and written five books.

As an activist Allas works to promote peace, human rights and women’s rights in Yemen, founding the Women’s Center for Training and Studies at Aden University. Much of her activism focuses on women’s inclusion in Yemeni political life. She has been a consultant board member at the Ministry of Human Rights. As the secretary general of the Yemeni Society for History and Archeology in Aden, Allas is an advocate for protecting the city’s cultural heritage, leading a number of projects to conserve notable historic sites.

Allas holds a doctorate in modern and contemporary history from the Institute of Arab Research and Studies, Cairo.