Policy Briefs

Updates on economic developments in Yemen and other relevant Policy Briefs.

Priorities for Government Policy in Yemen

February 5, 2019 Policy Briefs
This policy brief outlines recommendations for the immediate priorities of the Government of Yemen, both to achieve quick wins and to prepare the ground for medium and long-term success. These recommendations are the outcomes of in-depth discussions held during the fourth Development Champions Forum convened on December 8-11, 2018, in Amman, Jordan. They are designed to offer Prime Minister…

Generating New Employment Opportunities in Yemen

October 17, 2018 Policy Briefs
Decades of political instability and cyclical armed conflict have curtailed Yemen’s economic growth, job creation and labor productivity. Before the current conflict, much of the country’s working population was engaged in unskilled labor, working in rural agriculture or informally employed in small businesses. More recently, the current conflict has destroyed normal commerce and left…

Private Sector Engagement in Post-Conflict Yemen

August 29, 2018 Policy Briefs
Even before the current conflict, private sector development in Yemen faced many severe and interrelated challenges. These included bureaucratic obstructions, weak infrastructure, a largely unskilled workforce, a poor investment climate and lack of financing, an economy overly dependent on oil, corruption, a weak state, and a rent-seeking elite class with vested interests in stifling…