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Policy Briefings in Brussels

Policy Briefings in Brussels

On 20 June 2023, representatives of the Development Champions Forum and the RYE consortium held policy briefings in Brussels to discuss the current economic and political situation in Yemen.

In the morning, the delegation met with representatives from different EU institutions at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships. This event took stock of the most recent political developments regarding the conflict in Yemen with a particular view to economic aspects relevant to current and future negotiation processes. Furthermore, the briefing also explored some of the latest research outputs from the RYE and discussed avenues of constructive international engagement with the country.

In the afternoon, RYE partnered up with the Egmont Institute for a briefing for Brussels-based policy makers and researchers focusing on Yemen. The inputs at this meeting were structured as a panel discussion, with panel 1 focusing on current peace-making endeavours related to the Yemen conflict and exploring in detail some of the economic dimensions and challenges connected with these processes. Amongst others, the speakers focused on matters relating to public revenues, the banking sector and the payment of salaries. Panel 2 explored current efforts to support development in Yemen in the context of an increasing impact of climate change. Challenges and opportunities were discussed with a specific view to the impact of climate change on agricultural production as well as to the promotion of the renewable energies sector.