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Virtual briefing with US Special Envoy to Yemen Mr. Tim Lenderking

Virtual briefing with US Special Envoy to Yemen Mr. Tim Lenderking

July 16, 2017 Online via Zoom

On Friday, 16 July 2017, representatives of the Development Champions Forum (DCF) held a virtual briefing with US Special Envoy to Yemen Mr. Tim Lenderking and his team to discuss the importance of economic issues and their relevance to the peace process as a fundamental post conflict stabilization factor.

During that meeting, the Development Champions emphasized the need to prioritize self-sustaining economic growth in Yemen over its dependence on humanitarian aid and the need to find solutions to economic grievances to ensure durable and sustainable relief by providing support and empowering respective efforts of Yemeni communities, the private sector and other local institutions. Accordingly, they recommended that the US focus its efforts on macroeconomic stabilization and on fostering local capacities and initiatives, thus contributing to keeping hope alive.

The Development Champions also highlighted the alarming disputes and politicization of the economic issues, particularly the weaponization of the economy and the financial system by both parties to the conflict, which is a key driver for prolonging the conflict and incentivizing the war economy. In order to address this, the DCF called for a stronger international focus, including of the US and the UN Special Envoys, on economic stabilization, amongst others by engaging more Yemenis and by building on the work that Yemenis are already doing.

On his part, Special Envoy Tim Lenderking noted that the economic factors in the current situation are real and need to be addressed and find solutions for the economic grievances. He also emphasized the need of the conversation to become more inclusive. The Special Envoy and the DCF agreed to continue the constructive conversation.