Khaled Hamid

Development Economist

Khaled Hamid is a development economist and chartered accountant. He has worked as a policy specialist for the Government of Yemen’s Executive Bureau for the Acceleration of Aid Absorption & Support for Policy Reforms, and conducted research programs for the leading INGOs in Yemen, including UNDP, WB, DFID, CARE, and OXFAM. Hamid has held various positions in the Research and Statistics Department of Central Bank of Yemen, including analyst, economist and deputy director, and is currently the director general of the Banking Deposits Insurance Corporation in Yemen. Hamid holds a master’s degree in Economic Policy from the Center for Development Economics at Williams College, Massachusetts, US, which he earned through the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and auditing.


An Institutional Framework for Post-Conflict Reconstruction

May 29, 2018 White Papers
The ongoing conflict in Yemen has imposed grievous costs on the country’s people, damaging lives, property and infrastructure and ravaging the country’s already fragile economy. And yet the conflict will eventually subside. While some reconstruction projects have begun, they have generally been undertaken haphazardly and not as part of a comprehensive and structured plan. Post-conflict…