The Secretariat

Hatem M Bamehriz

Secretary General

Hatem Bamehriz has over 28 years of experience in conflict mitigation, elections processes, parliamentary affairs, civil society, as well as women and youth participation advancement. He led vast and multi-donor programs as senior director with several international organizations in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Kenya and South Sudan, focusing on the areas of governance, conflict mitigation, peacebuilding, political roadmaps development, and democratization processes. His international experience covers some of the world’s most fragile regions, such as the Horn of Africa, South Asia, East Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, etc. Additionally, Hatem worked with the private sector, designing projects for major corporations to devise their social responsibility programs. He also provided insight and advised on long-term programmatic concepts for donor countries, such as Sweden, Canada, Norway, and the USA as well as international organizations, such as UNDP, etc. Hatem is also listed on as a governance expert on the UN Expert Roster. Lastly, Hatem is a political analyst and strategist with published articles and interviews on issues related to democracy, current affairs and conflict analysis.